Saturday, December 22, 2007

Taking Giuliani's Temperature

While rumors continue to circulate regarding the severity of the former front-runner's flu, the one thing that isn't in doubt is the poor health of his stock on Intrade. As Josh Marshall noted in a recent post on Talking Points Memo, Giuliani's anemic numbers suggest that the slew of scandals surrounding his campaign have finally taken their toll. Whereas the former New York City mayor spent the better part of the summer trading above 40, he recently reached a new low in the 20s.

Bottom line - It's time to sell your Giuliani stock before the bad news breaks out of Iowa and NH. Otherwise, you'll be forced to join in the Florida fire sale once the so-called firewall fails.

The bigger news, of course, is that Josh Marshall admits being "sort of a fanatic about these political prediction/betting sites." We hope that he'll clue us in on his political portfolio in the comments, and we encourage all political pundits (armchair and otherwise) to join in the discussion.