Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fading Freddy Flops and Fizzles

Once billed as his party's panacea, Fred Thompson is quickly becoming known for his soporific style on the stump. Adam Nagourney, who's been shadowing the subdued former senator at campaign stops across Iowa, makes him sound like Willy Loman with a tired campaign slogan. He reports that the Law & Order star seems uncomfortable in the spotlight, exhausted and tense from tedious campaign events, and all but desperate for applause.

Even if the reality isn't half as bad as Nagourney purports, it's clear that Fred Thompson peaked long before most people even took a peek at his platform. Thus, it's time to short Thompson for the Republican nomination. With a mere 9 million bucks in the bank at the end of the third quarter, Thompson's campaign coffers are far from stuffed. In fact, according to the politically astute Gail Collins, the only thing that looks stuffed is the candidate himself. "He appears to have been stuffed by a taxidermist," she said.

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