Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Matthews: 80 Million Americans Will Watch First Presidential Debate

Politickr is as giddy as Chris Matthews to watch the first presidential slug fest slated for Sept 26. Still, we think the Hardball host may have gone a tad too far when he predicted on his show that at least 80 million people would tune in on a Friday night for the first presidential debate.

Mathews made his own prediction after citing some statistics he said he had his intern dig up about the first presidential fireworks between Kennedy and Nixon. More than a third of Americans reportedly tuned in for the first presidential debate in 1960, which, coincidentally, also aired on Sept 26. What Matthews failed to mention, however, was that Sept. 26 fell on a Monday in 1960.

When asked by the host whether an equal or greater proportion of Americans (100+ million) would tune for the Obama-McCain debate, his guests could have been forgiven for responding with Matthews' signature "HA!" Or they could have simply referred him to this.

While Intrade has yet to announce a contract on the size of the audience for the first debate, politickr has suggested one. Let the trading begin!

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