Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pawlenty Peaks

CNN's Wolf Blitzer just announced that Tim Pawlenty, the Minnesota governor on McCain's ever-shrinking VP short list, abruptly cancelled his appearance this afternoon on The Situation Room. As the speculation reaches a fevered pitch with word that McCain has made his choice, The Atlantic is also reporting that Pawlenty cleared his schedule for today and tomorrow.

News that Pawlenty might be McCain's pick appears to be moving political prediction markets. On Intrade, the Minnesota governor peaked today at 50, up more than 25 points since yesterday's close. Although Mitt Romney still leads the pack of would-be VPs at 50, he's down nearly 25 points in recent trading, and is now only 10 points ahead of Pawlenty.

The Bottom Line - If you haven't purchased any Pawlenty yet, don't miss your chance. While most pundits are still predicting Romney, Politickr thinks this news means it's time to diversify.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it might well turn out to be Tim, but the market that surged in his favor was only a very tiny volume, strictly peanuts, and should not be used as supporting evidence.