Friday, August 22, 2008

Politickr's Picks

With the big news reportedly only "hours away," according to the AP, here's what Politickr recommends:

Buy Biden - We're with Huffington, Brooks, and just about everyone else on this one. Buying Biden is still a no-brainer. He's now trading at almost 60 on Intrade, and he remains the clear favorite.

Buy Edwards - No, not that one. Chet Edwards, the Democratic congressman from George W. Bush's district, reportedly made Obama's short list. While we don't recommend political day traders dig deep on this one, we do think it's a good idea to cover just in case Obama pulls a last-minute surprise.

Short Sebelius - The Kansas governor doesn't stand a chance. With polls showing Clinton supporters still feeling snubbed, there's no way Obama will choose another woman just to spite them. She's only trading at 50 cents/share, but shorting Sebelius can still make you some easy money.

Short Clark - Although the general's stock soared after the invasion in Georgia, there's no way Obama will go with this unproven wild card. Currently trading at 10, Wesley Clark is a screaming short.

Short Clinton - Her supporters are still holding out hope, but the prospect of The Dream Ticket looks dead (despite the aforementioned polls). Still, we were surprised to find Clinton in second place among VP hopefuls in afternoon trading, edging out Evan Bayh. At 15/share, it's time to sell Clinton.

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