Monday, January 19, 2009

Libby Pardon Before Bush Scoots?

Politico puts the odds of a Scooter Libby Pardon at 1 to 2, slightly lower than the current asking price at Intrade.

With so many pardon prospects and so little time, Intrade could open a whole new slate of contracts on crooks likely to get their convictions cleared before Bush vacates his office. According to Politico, the most likely candidates include Michael Milken (2 to 1 odds), infamous former AG A.G. (1 to 1 odds) and military and CIA interrogators (4 to 1 odds). 

While Dick Durbin is supporting a pardon for George Ryan, the latest Illinois governor to be convicted on corruption chares, Politickr doesn't think even Bush would have the audacity to pardon Ryan given his successor's shenanigans. 

Still, in his last interview before leaving office, Bush was suspiciously silent:

LARRY KING:  We're back with our remaining moments with the president and first lady of the United States.  Pardons; are we going to have some? You are not going to be specific.  Will pardons come? 

G. BUSH:  I am not going to talk about them. 

KING:  Why? They're logical. 

G. BUSH:  Because I don't feel like talking about them and I'm not going to.  If there are any coming, you will find out about it in due course. 

KING:  Due course, meaning you have a week. 

L. BUSH:  Exactly.  You will find out soon. 

G. BUSH:  Actually less. 

KING:  So it will be less than a week. 

G. BUSH:  Yes. 

KING:  You don't have to?  It's not required? 

G. BUSH:  No. 

KING:  You don't have to do any pardons? 

G. BUSH:  I don't have to do any. I can do some. Nor do I have to talk about it. 

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