Monday, January 19, 2009

NY Post Claims It's Caroline

While the NY Post has so far wisely resisted giving Caroline Kennedy the full Dick Gephardt treatment and plastering her picture on its front page under the headline "Patterson Picks Kennedy," it is certainly heading in that direction. In an article by Fred Dicker in this morning's paper, the Post proclaims that Kennedy is Governor Patterson's "certain" pick to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate.

Not surprisingly, Caroline Kennedy's stock shot up 19 points at Intrade in early morning trading, reaching 85 for the first time in weeks. As Wiser Than The Crowd points out, however, consistency on this point hasn't exactly been the Post's strong suit. Last month, it relegated the Queen of Camelot to a longshot, claiming she had a "1 in 20 shot at best."

As usual, the NY Daily News is striking a more measured tone. While it says that President-elect Obama is backing Kennedy, it stops short of claiming a decision has already been made.

"My BlackBerry is emitting smoke from people e-mailing me the latest rumor," said one Democratic operative quoted in the article. "This whole thing has taken on a life of its own. There may be a method to this madness, but it's madness."

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